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Recruiting your
startup dream team
one talented human at a time.

I ran into Naomi at a pivotal time for Doxel. We were growing quickly and with no recruiters or even any recruiting team, just getting candidate flow for our key Engineering, Product, and Design roles was difficult.


Naomi worked magic for us: she embedded with me as well as any in-house sourcer would have, iterated on the candidate pool as we learned what we needed, and delivered AMAZING flow - at a very cost-effective price point.


A large chunk of our team - including our now in-house recruiter - came through Naomi. She'll always be one of the first people I reach out to when I need more hiring capacity.


Dobromir Montauk

VP of Engineering at

We source & recruit
exceptional tech talent. 

With an unmatched talent acquisition method, simple retainer-free fee schedule,  and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we are your partners in building your dream tech team.

The Marigold network of independent recruiters holds the big picture, highest priorities, and immediate needs in balance to curate the most talented and best-fit candidates.

Join us for an intake call so we can learn more about your goals, and discover how we can work together.

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Marigold is a network of innovative   & independent tech recruiters that serve early to mid-stage start ups with sourcing and recruiting the most talented and diverse candidates.

We recruit your startup dream team, one talented human at a time.

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