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Everything to Gain:

Why recruiting for diversity will bring more success and how to do it

As we revolutionize the world through tech, we must also revolutionize the way we recruit teams that innovate tech.

We know as individuals that a more inclusive work environment is diverse in perspective, skills, and backgrounds. When we apply that knowledge and action to curating our start-up teams, we ultimately produce better work through increased retention and team connectivity.

The data is clear. Companies with diverse workforces are more productive, innovative, and successful. Mckinsey’s 2019 report Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters found that companies with ethnically diverse leadership had a 36% higher likelihood of financial outperformance. And companies with the highest gender diversity increased that likelihood by an additional 25%... And this data predates the social transformation we have seen over recent years.


There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain from recruiting more diverse candidates and curating more inclusive teams.


We have seen a lot of performance and tokenization in and around recruitment - the right thing happening for the wrong reason. Because of that reflex-based strategy (or lack thereof), there is no staying power long-term. But for start-ups, in particular, there is a unique opportunity to build  in authentic talent placements that create real impact for immediate needs while building company culture. And that is growth for everyone, for the long haul.


We have seen that amidst the challenges of launching a product, raising funds, and making those first hires, diversity is often overlooked and put into the “later” pile as stress over immediate hires takes center stage. But it doesn’t need to be. Diverse and inclusive workplaces are possible and navigable in early stages.

Search & Outreach:
Language & Communication

An active approach to recruiting top talent is needed in order to find, interview, and hire the best candidates. And to do that, you’ll need a nuanced, culturally-aware approach to attract diverse candidates.


Use search terms that indicate how a candidate self-identifies. One example is finding candidates in the online spaces they hang out in. We have found that our recruiters, who are already in these spaces with established networks, have successfully continued meaningful conversations in these spaces into successful recruitment outcomes.


The language in outreach messages should speak to the priorities of the groups you’d like to attract. If you already have it, make sure to highlight the existing diversity on your team, particularly in leadership. For example, if increasing the number of female engineers on the team is a goal, show them their voices will be heard by having the message sent by a real (yes, real) female engineering manager.

Our network of independent sourcers speak the language of your ideal candidates and leverage their background in internet research by using the matrix of these self-identifiers including race/ethnicity, LGBTQ, veteran status, or disability status. Please connect with us to learn more about supporting sourcing inclusively & communicating wisely.

Community Referrals 

Every company offers incentives for referrals, but few actively support their employees in reaching out to passive talent in their network. If there were processes in place that reflect back to the foundational ethos and DEI strategy, we could better leverage these networks, and recruit more diverse talent successfully. Everyone does it differently, of course, but beginning with inspiration alongside logistical support for these referral practices is another place to create more connection and mutual returns. In short, with a plan and the team to make it happen,  everyone wins.

Marigold offers structured programs to build and support your referral practices that maximize the potential for referred hires with minimal effort from employees.

Book a connection call with our founder to learn more.

People Talk,
& Word Travels Quick

When you are a company that cares about a diverse workforce, people talk. We no longer live in a moment where anyone will do anything for a buck. We are in a new paradigm where there meaningful work that is appropriately valued alongside an optimal work environment is what attracts talent. This includes the same passive networks of potential candidates that are connected to the team you already have.



As part of our work, we share the good news of hires and support the truth of what you are up to in your diverse workplace. That way, when you already have an established diverse and inclusive workforce in place, the good news will spread.

Let's give them something

to talk about.

Retaining and Re-curating:
Building Leadership from the Inside Out

While immediate hires are critical to growth, what about team retention for the long haul? When we hold immediate needs and the big picture in tandem, we are more successful in attracting the right talent that will commit to their own career growth as they grow with you. By setting up internal skill-building and mentorship programs along the path of recruitment, we support everyone’s goals: from the first hire to first promotion, and all the way to the C-Suite.


When we begin to curate teams, as opposed to fill positions - we begin to cast not just for skill, but for compatibility, diversity, and shared vision of longevity… your dream team.

Marigold offers structured programs to build and support your referral practices that maximize the potential for referred hires with minimal effort from employees.

Learn more & book a connection call with our founder.


Ready to build your
startup dream team?

You are invited to connect with our founder, Naomi Minturn, to learn more about our process and discover how we can help you succeed.


Marigold is a network of innovative   & independent tech recruiters that serve early to mid-stage start ups with sourcing and recruiting the most talented and diverse candidates.

We recruit your startup dream team, one talented human at a time.

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